6 Activities for International Students in Germany

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Germany is known for its quality of higher education, but it does not mean that it’s all work and no play! Almost all top German universities give equal importance to extracurricular activities that help in overall skill and personality development of the students. These International Student Activities make them more presentable and desirable for the future job market.

Activities that international students can enjoy in Germany are:

Student jobs and internships

Student jobsMany students who prefer to earn while learning can opt to work part-time in Germany. As an international student in Germany, you would be allowed to work for 120 full or 240 half days in a year. As per the norms of German universities, students are allowed to work max for 20 hours in a week during the term. You can opt for full-time employment during vacations. The various kinds of jobs that students usually do in Germany are English tutors, support staff, teaching, research assistants, industrial production assistants etc.

Learn languages

Doing a language course is a great way to get in touch with German students and improve your local language skills outside the university campus. There are German students who want to learn English language and would be willing to share their knowledge of the German language with yours in return for English lessons. This can also be a great way to make new friends.

Sports and fitness

sports activitiesIn Germany, every university gives due importance to sports and fitness related activities in and outside their campuses. Top German universities usually provide access to various kinds of sports facilities and gym to its students. If they are not present on campus, they offer inexpensive classes for different sports like, sailing, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. Students can enjoy these classes either after classes or during semester breaks. All cities in Germany have various sports clubs and swimming pools where students can get themselves enrolled.


Providing voluntary services improves your credit as a person as well your resume. In Germany, students can volunteer for a number of social causes like teaching English, looking after elderly people, reading books to primary school children, working for the homeless, environment protection etc.  As an international student in Germany, you can get yourself associated with any social welfare organization and provide your free services.

Religious groups

Germany has a very rich multi-cultural environment and you can find various religious communities in the country. In universities, you can participate in praying activities in the church, do some meditation, join a singing choir or find some solace in the Silence room.

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