DAAD Scholarships

DAAD Scholarships

DAAD stands for Deutscher Akademischer AustauschDienst and is called German Academic Exchange Service in English. It is an independent organization which comprises of various higher education institutes from Germany. It is funded by public and provides scholarships to many students who aspire to pursue higher education in Germany. It was founded in 1925 on the initiative of a single student. It is the world’s largest funding organization of its kind. Every year, financial assistance and guidance is provided by DAAD to about 1,20,000 qualified students all over the globe. It has 15 regional offices, 55 information centres and over 500 language assistants. Its various branches provide fruitful assistance to talented students all over the world and impart scholarship to the deserving ones.

Here are some of the scholarships offered by DAAD:

Undergraduate scholarships:

Under this programme, there is an opportunity provided for very talented students to study in top German universities or intern in German institutions. Students get scholarship for the whole undergraduate course if they are eligible. It also includes summer courses, intensive language courses, German Studies and research, etc.

Study Scholarships:

This category provides various options to students in the post-graduate brigade. They have choices like Study scholarships in music, arts, architecture, performing arts. There are other options like summer law school, RISE Professional, EMGIP Bundestag Internship etc.

Ph.D. and Post Docs:

Under this, scholarships are provided for various Ph.D. and post-doctoral programme. They include Research, learning German, DAAD Science tour, Short-term lecturers, Visiting Professorships etc. Students can opt for these opportunities based on their merit.

Faculty and Research:

The faculty supports various programmes by funding them. They include options like Conference funding, DAAD Science tour, Research stays for University Academics and Scientists, DAAD- AICGS Research Grant etc.

International Students:

There are opportunities available for international students also. According to norms and eligibility, the international students can apply for various programmes and scholarships under DAAD.

General Criteria for Selection under DAAD:

The student applying to DAAD must excel in academics and must have a consistent high academic record. He should also know German language and provide a proof of German language proficiency. There are different criteria according to different regions. The applications are reviewed and according to the merit, points are granted. Then a final list is created and scholarships are granted according to the highest merit first. Thus DAAD makes sure that the best talent doesn’t go unnoticed.

Applying to DAAD:

A student can apply online by visiting the official DAAD website and filling the application form. There is also a facility available to download the application form and then apply. Application procedures vary from country to country. Also the choice of applying for various courses, vary from country to country. Students can thus apply accordingly
Thus, DAAD has proved to be a life-changing organization for many. It has not only awarded excellent students with scholarships but also provided them with an opportunity to study and succeed in their chosen field under DAAD. Thus, if you have a good academic record and wish to pursue higher studies in Germany; there is no need to worry as one can check the DAAD website and get an opportunity to show their talent to the world.