Health Insurance Covers for International Students in Germany

heath insurance for Germany

Students travelling to a foreign country for their studies are naturally excited about their tenure in the new country. It would offer them new experiences and opportunities to know new culture and people. But before landing in a foreign country, lots of formalities and preparations are to be made. Similarly, students planning to study in Germany need to address mandatory requirement of health insurance cover.

health insuranceWhy do I need a health insurance cover?

Germany has made health insurance cover a mandate for all international students. Along with other documents, you need to provide proof of health insurance at the time of enrolment at any German University and residence permit. Before arriving in Germany keep your health insurance documents ready.

What is the health insurance system of Germany?

The health insurance system in Germany is divided into two parts- The private insurance and the compulsory insurance.

offers health protection to individuals and can be bought by any individual with sound income. Monthly fees paid for the private health insurance is calculated on the basis of the age and health status of the students. Some private insurers also provide health cover for accompanying family members in the same plan.

health insurance coverThe compulsory health insurance covers all people as far as basic protection is concerned including international students. To make sure that each person gets protection, the monthly fees to be paid is calculated by the income earned by the insured person. People earning more have to pay more money and those earning low have to pay less. Students must compare plans from different companies to ensure some important facilities are covered like transfer to home country in case of major injuries and hospital visit charges of accompanying family members.

Should I buy my health insurance from Germany or my home country?

Students arriving in Germany have to visit the International office of their University and provide them with the details and number of the health insurance provider. Upon arrival in Germany, students are expected to contact a local German insurance provider and buy health insurance.

health insurance systemThis process is compulsory for admission to any German university. Indian students can contact DAAD or the student councils of the university they are planning to study for more details on health insurance cover. Usually these student organizations have special packages that include accommodation, meals and health insurance as well.

What is the cost of health insurance in Germany?

In Germany cost of public health insurance policy is about 80 Euros per month for students- that is, till you are under 30 years of age or have studied for 14 semesters or less. Post that period, the monthly cost increases to 160 Euros or more per month.