Highest Paying Degree Courses in Germany

Highest Paying Careers

Germany is a popular destination for pursuing Bachelors and Masters Degree courses as well as research based studies. Factors like excellence in education, rich cultural heritage, technological advancement, beautiful landscapes, student-friendly cities, and government policies aimed at promoting education make Germany a top choice among students.

Hundreds of courses are available in various German universities that cater to different fields of study and interest areas. However, it is beneficial to know which degree courses offer high employability chances and better-paying jobs. Arranged in the decreasing order of average salary, these courses are:

Industrial Engineering

Each year thousands of students from all over the world apply to German universities for various engineering courses. Industrial engineering is a popular branch of engineering that has its applications in product as well as service based industries. Expertise in this domain helps students identify and eliminate resources that are not adding to the cumulative productivity. Industrial engineers are valuable to MNCs since they help reduce costs and increase revenue. This degree helps students earn an average yearly income of €70,288.

top careerEngineering

Next in the line of highest paid degree course in Germany is ‘Engineering’. Engineering degrees are highly scientific in nature and call for extreme precision and attention to detail. Germany houses many of the world’s top ranking universities offering engineering courses in multiple domains like electrical, chemical, mechanical, automobile etc. With companies like Bosch, SAP, Audi, BMW having their headquarters in Germany, engineering graduates face little challenges in landing high-paying jobs post course completion. The average yearly salary for engineers is €69,850.

Mathematics and Computer Science

All the next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Internet of Things etc. rely heavily on mathematical algorithms, models and in-depth knowledge of computer systems and their operations. This field of study is highly complex which is why the experts in these domains are chased by MNCs across the globe. The growth in technological and scientific progress is only going to bring more revenue, and hence bigger paychecks, to this sector. The average salary of related professionals is €68,241 per year.

top paying coursesNatural Sciences

Natural sciences aim to understand the nature and cover a wide range of sub-disciplines like physics, biology, geology, chemistry, and environmental science etc. The implications of this discipline are of global standing and hence natural science graduates can get lucrative positions in research and development laboratories all over the world. The average salary of natural sciences professionals is €66,954 per year.

Business and Economics

All major organizations rely a lot on economic insights and business acumen to function, grow and earn revenue. Students earning degrees in business and economics get placed as managers and consultants in a wide range of verticals that include IT, tourism, manufacturing, telecommunication etc. Professionals with degree in this discipline earn an average of €65,404 annually.


Germany is known for its skyscrapers and other man-made marvels; the credit of which goes to its talented architects. It is one of the most respected and highest paid profession as Germans like to work and live in spaces that are beautiful and meet all their needs. Many German universities offer courses in architecture and construction planning that lay focus on aesthetic designs, functional and technical aspects of building, urban planning etc. The average annual salary of an architect in Germany is €55,822.