How to apply to German University?

Apply to Study in Germany

Germany is renowned in the world for its affordable and globally recognised education. Many students today are aspiring to study in Germany. The most important step before fulfilling your dream is the application to the desired degree programme in Germany. There is a list of ways for applying to a German university. The process of application strongly relies on the course you have applied for and the place where you belong to. The guidelines and requirements to be fulfilled vary from university to university as well as the type of programme. Also the deadlines for filling up the form of each university are different. Given below are a few ways through which it will easy for you to apply for desired programme.

Trust for Admission to Higher Education:

It receives applications from students. They allocate study places which follow centrally or locally restricted admission policy to various degree programmes in Germany. You can apply on their website and keep a check on the status and accordingly prioritise your desired subjects.


It is a non-profit organisation which checks if your certificates are equivalent to those needed by the German universities. You just have to fill a onetime application accompanied by the necessary documents. This helps you to apply to several universities at the same time. Uni-assist charges students a sum of amount to apply to colleges. Uni-assist does the job of forwarding your application if you meet all the requirements but the final selection rests in the hands of the universities.


Choosing the right subject is important while applying. There are two types of subjects. The first one is centrally restricted and includes Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary medicine. The second type of subject is the one for which the admission is either unrestricted or locally restricted.

Country matters:

The country to which you belong matters a lot when you apply to a German university. If you apply for a subject with central NC and you qualify through the entrance examination or are a member of an EU state, then you have to submit your application to the Trust for Admission to Higher Education. If you do not fulfil the criteria above, then you will have to find out whether the university is a member of Uni-assist and apply accordingly. If the university is a member of Uni-assist, then you can easily apply for it by filling the Uni-assist form. In case, the university is not a member of Uni-assist, then you have to apply to the university directly.


This is one of the most important organisations apart from the Trust for Admission to Higher Education. It helps you to apply to various degree programmes in German universities  of your choice based on your merit and eligibility.

Thus, according to your desired subject requirement, you will get an application form from DAAD or Trust for Admission to Higher Education and you can apply accordingly.

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