How to make friends in Germany as an international student

make a good friend in germany

Germany is famous worldwide for its quality of higher education and research studies. Every year thousands of international students enroll themselves in different German universities or institutions for academic purpose. If you are traveling to Germany as an international student you would need to make some local friends without whom life would be boring and difficult.

Germans are quite friendly and accepting in nature which is why you see so many international students studying in Germany and many of them working even after completion of their studies.

Simple tips for international students to make some good friends in Germany

1. The first week of college is very important from the socializing point of view. This is the time to leave a positive first impression on other students and introduce you to others. Attend the orientation week and talk to the local students. Many of them may be living away from home despite being Germans and would be eager to make new friends.

international students friends2. Living in a student hostel or accommodation is a great way to gel with lots of other students. You can be a part of resident social committees in Germany; they arrange fun meet-ups for the students. This opportunity can be used by international students to meet local residents and students and make friends with them.

3. Social media is a great platform to meet new local students’ social group and be a part of it. Once you are a member of such groups, you can communicate with them and also find invitations for various local activities, parties or study sessions. You can also start chatting with German students before arriving in Germany so that you have some known faces when you land there.

4. At every German university, you would find a students’ club or body like a sports team, drama group, etc. Join such groups to meet fellow German students and bond with them over the common platform of interest or hobby. When two people have a common interest to share, friendships blossom to make a friend in germany

5. One of the major hurdles that international students face while making friends in Germany is their own shyness. Do not hesitate to talk to local students Even if you are not fluent in the local language. They would welcome such openness and like to befriend someone from another country. Many of the German students wish that they get the chance to interact with international students. Shun your shyness and embrace friendliness.

6. Try to make friends in more than one group or area of your student life in Germany. For instance apart from your class, join clubs, local groups, etc. This would never make you feel lonely and you would always have someone to talk to when you need company.

Staying, studying and knowing a completely different country and people might pose some challenges, but dealing such situations with an open-mind, confidence and little strategy can make your stay comfortable and help you make friends for life.