5 Reasons that make Germany the perfect student destination

student destination

Germany, popularly known as ‘land of ideas’, is also known for its quality of higher education and the research-based technical programs it offers. Every year thousands of international students associate themselves with German universities to get an education of global parameters. In a survey conducted by DAAD, it was found that Germany has the 3rd largest population of international students next to USA and UK. DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) awards merit-based grants to students wishing to study/research in Germany in any of its accredited institutions that include noted universities like HTW Berlin, TU Dresden, RWTH Aachen among others.

A large number of students are from the European Union and China enrolled in different streams of education. In the past few years population of Indian students has witnessed a tremendous hike in Germany making them 4th biggest contributors of international students’ community in Germany.

Germany is truly the perfect student destination. Here’s why –

International recognition Study programs with International recognition

All the recognized German universities now function under Bologna reform, which implies that the students would earn internationally recognized degrees like Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D.  This is applicable to nearly all academic disciplines excluding pharmacy, medicine, and law.

Low tuition fees

Most of the German universities do not charge any tuition fees. Few universities that charge it, it tends to be very low. As the German government provides enough funds to the universities most of the Bachelor’s degree courses are without any tuition fees. And for Master’s degree, the fee is much lower compared to other countries. In addition to the minimal tuition fee, students have to bear the administrative fee, lab, and library fee, if any.

Study programs in English

Study programsInternational students have the facility to pursue their degree course in the English language if their German language skills are not very good. Several courses are offered in English especially those at the Master’s level. There are many international degree programs that can be studied in English. Even German universities offering bachelor courses have started imparting education in the English language. These courses are usually tagged as international courses and do not require DSH or TestDAF as an admission requirement.

Bright job prospects

Students completing their studies in Germany are eligible to stay for 18 months and pursue employment options. Hence, you get enough time and space to look for your dream job in Germany that have offices of some globally renowned brands. Also, you can earn some cash before you head back to your home country. The contribution of international students to German economy is of large scale.


In comparison to other developed countries, Germany is safer to live in. Whether you live in a city or countryside, students can move around freely by day or night. Germany enjoys political and economic stability which makes it an ideal destination to live and study.