How To Apply For a Residence Permit In Germany?

residence permit

Studying in Germany comes with numerous responsibilities, one of which is getting a residence permit. All international students from outside the European Union who wish to remain in Germany for over three months must obtain a residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel).

Once in Germany, you must complete a residence permit application, which you will receive at the Aliens Department at the place of your residence. The process must be completed within your first three months in Germany. It’s important to know that your student visa is not really a residence permit. Once registered, you will be provided a residence permit for the duration of your program. Make sure to take the below-mentioned documents with you when you applying for a residence permit:

Documents Required for German Residence Permit

Confirmation of registration from the Resident Registration Office

As soon as you have found your accommodation, register with the local ‘Resident Registration Office’. Get your ‘confirmation of registration’, which is a mandatory requirement to apply for your residence permit. Remember – you must notify the Resident Registration Office within one week of moving into your accommodation facility.

Confirmation of insurance coverage (private or public health insurance)

If you would like to study in Germany, you must have a health insurance. While applying for a student visa, enrolling at a university and applying for a residence permit, you would be asked to present proof of health insurance. Make sure to take care of your health insurance needs in your home country.

Certificate of enrollment

Before you begin your studies at a German university, you have to enroll yourself at the university. The procedure of enrollment or ‘matriculation’ allows you to attend courses, take examinations and get a valid academic degree. Students are required to enroll in person at their university’s Office of Student Affairs. Once you have enrolled, you will receive the ‘certificate of enrollment’ which will also be your provisional student ID.

Proof of financial resources

Most international students are required to submit their proof of financial resources during their application for a German student visa. In case you haven’t submitted it already, you must provide it while applying for the residence permit.

Residence permit fee

Inquire at the International Office in Germany to know the current residence permit fee.

Other documents to keep handy include:

  • Your passport
  • Student visa
  • Certificate of health
  • Your tenancy agreement, if applicable
  • Biometric passport sized photos

You will initially receive a residence permit for two years or for the duration of your course, which can be extended later if necessary. The approval of extension depends on a letter of confirmation from your university mentioning that your studies have proceeded as intended. You must apply for an extension before your existing residence permit expires.

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