Tips To Save Money While Studying in Germany

tips to save money

Germany is a favored destination for international students due to many reasons. It has emerged has an ideal country where students get good quality higher education and at the same time enjoy their life. Living and studying in one’s own country is easy but when students go abroad the most critical challenge they are faced with is managing their expenses. As an international student, you have to to make extra efforts to manage your money well while studying abroad. Carefully planned budget can help students avoid stressful situations arising out of cash crunch while in Germany.

Here are some effective tips for international students to save money while they study in Germany:

Plan your Budget Right

Budget planning is the first and foremost step. In your expenditure list make sure that you list everything you think you might spend upon. This would avoid any unplanned spending. Your list may include cost of accommodation, food, travel, books, uniform, groceries etc. The golden rule is to differentiate between need and want; spend first on things you need and then on things that you want. Charges of rent and utilities should be paid first. Other things can follow as per their necessity factor. Such planning may also help you do some savings at the end of every month.

Arrange for an additional source of income

To earn some extra money, you can take up a part-time job after college or on weekends. It may not necessarily be high-paying or related to your studies but it should be able to help you earn some extra pocket money which you can either save or keep for expenses of personal nature. International students can work up to 120 full days 240 half-days every year in Germany. After completion of second year, international students can also look for internships in their university.

Shop locally

In Germany, there are many supermarkets like Lidl, Netto, Aldi that offer grocery items at the lowest price. These places can be preferred over costly malls. Talk to locals or native students about farmers’ markets where you can find fresh produce at low costs. Pay attention to sales and offers at the supermarkets and buy things in bulk. As a student in Germany, you are also eligible for discounts at cafes, restaurants, movies, libraries and museums etc. as long as you have your student ID card with you.

Manage your social activities wisely

The quality of life that you have in Germany depends upon the social activities you indulge in. Instead of spending lavishly on social outings and gatherings, invite friends over and cook at home. This will not only help save money but also help you in making new friends, local and international. Participate in social activities according to the planned budget.

These small but effective tips would surely make your life easy and financially stress-free when studying in Germany!