Five university staff members every student must know

staff members student must know

University life is both exciting and intimidating. During this journey, you may face certain problems, either academically, personally or mentally and in order to overcome these problems you will need some support.

5 university staff members you must know who will make your academic years easy and successful.

International Student Support

university staff membersMost universities have an international student support centre that caters to the needs of international students – helping them in settling into the new environment, finding the right accommodation, financial aid,  providing information on visa application and renewal regulations, counselling, helping with academic matters, facilitating communication between local and international students, providing pre-arrival information, etc. This international student support consists of a team of international student advisors and knowledgeable staff members who provide one-to-one support to every student.

Professors or Supervisors

The immediate and regular point of contact in any university is generally your professor, lecturer or supervisor. For any issues, you can approach them, take advice, ask questions and learn from their knowledge and experience. In smaller batches it is easy to get in direct touch with them and ask questions. However, in larger batches you may not get an opportunity to interact with the professor or get your query solved.  In that case, you need to go the extra mile and catch up with the professor either before or after class. It is advisable to have a face-to-face interaction with the professor/tutor/supervisor. That way, you are more likely to be remembered by the professor and this will be beneficial in future if you need any advice or recommendation. Also, information on scholarships are more likely to be shared by professors and supervisors.

Career Counsellors AdvisorsCareer Counsellors/Advisors

Career advisors help students in many ways, for instance, finding the right part-time job, internship, summer placement, volunteer work, and employer fairs, etc. All in all, they help students in their overall growth and development.

Accommodation Advisor

One of the main concerns of international students is accommodation and finding the right one is a task in itself. Many universities have accommodation advisors who help students in finding suitable accommodation. Whether you’re a newcomer looking for accommodation, want to shift to another place halfway through your year, wish to know the legal regulations and rights as tenants, or have some flatmate concerns – all these issues will be taken care of by the accommodation advisors. With their large contact base and knowledge of the area, they are the best people to address your issues on accommodation and help you in finding the best accommodation.

Professors or SupervisorsUniversity Librarian

The library is an integral part of university studies and you’re sure to need one too many library books each semester. And hence, knowing the university librarian would be beneficial. They can help you find the right resources for your assignment or research paper, help you with subscriptions, and can even get a new book for you if you’ve maintained a good rapport with them.

Indian Student Association

Indian students studying in Germany have formed among themselves various student associations with the motive to share information related to scholarships, internships, accommodation, cultural events, job opportunities etc. One such initiative, Indian Students in Germany, has flourished under the guidance of Embassy of India, Berlin. These associations remain the centre point of information and support for existing and prospective students in Germany.

Be sure to get in touch with these people as soon as your term commences for a smooth stay.