DSH German Language Examination

DSH is German language examination to test the German language proficiency of international applicants who wish to study in universities in Germany. Even though it is only mandatory for the German taught courses, a university may require you to have a basic grade in DSH to qualify for an English taught course too. Unlike TestDaF language exam, DSH is not standardized and varies from university to university conducting it. However, the pattern of the exam remains the same across various universities, with a Written and an Oral Examination.

DSH Language Test Pattern

1. Written Examination

The Written Examination takes place first, and includes multiple components:

(a) Listening comprehension
You will hear a text twice. You are allowed to take notes while listening. Before you hear the text for the second time, you will be given a worksheet containing the tasks. You are allotted 10 minutes before the second presentation to read through your worksheet and notes. You have 40 minutes to write out the answers. This German language examination is conducted to prove that you can follow lectures and presentations in German, held on academic or scientific topics.

(b) Reading comprehension
Reading comprehension has two sections. You will be allotted 60 minutes to complete a set of tasks including writing headings for text sections, answering questions, explaining a term that appears in the text, explaining an individual text section, and explaining the function of words and phrases. This examination analyzes if you demonstrate capability to understand and work with written texts in German.
The second part of the Reading comprehension must be completed within 30 minutes. You will be asked to reformulate sentences on the basis of a text without altering their original meaning. This analyzes your potential to recognize, understand and use sentence structures.

(c) Writing on set topics
You must choose one from the three given topics, and write about it. As expected, this examination analyzes your ability to write longer continuous texts in German, based on a topic. You will be given 5 keywords, to present adequate chains of thoughts for each keyword. You must write at least 200 words. The task should be completed within 60 minutes.

2. Oral examination

In the oral examination, you are expected to demonstrate that you are capable of carrying out linguistic actions including discussions, evaluations, and information transfer spontaneously, fluently and accurately. From three suggested topics you may choose one to talk on. A discussion on the topic will be followed by this. You will be given 20 minutes to prepare for the exam. During this period, you may use a monolingual German dictionary for reference. The oral examination takes around 20 minutes to complete.
At the end of the oral examination, you will be informed about the total result.