Cost of Living for Study in Germany

Living in Germany as an International student adds to the various living expenses apart from tuition fees. The living expenses vary from student to student. Though the expenses on the daily necessities are same, the standard of living and lifestyle adopted is different for every student who pursues education in Germany. The living expenses also depend on whether you choose a university located in a big city or a small town. Here is a list of factors that will make it easy for you to know how much you will have to spend on your living expenses while you live and study in Germany.

Expenses on residence:

The first and most important task after getting admission in German University is finding a nest for you to live. If the university provides you with hostel then it’s good. But otherwise you have to search for rooms on your own. There are student dormitories and rooms. There is also a facility of room sharing which may cost you about 300 Euros including tax, which otherwise would have cost you about 700 Euros. Room sharing not only saves your money, but also gives you a companion with whom you can share daily necessities and thus further saves money.

Expenses on Daily necessities:

These are the prime necessities of every International student. Shopping for groceries and daily necessities will not exceed 100 Euro a month. If you have a roommate then the cost is reduced further. Milk, bread, cheese, fruits, etc. and other daily essentials are available at an affordable price. Where fruits cost about 2 Euro, milk is available at 0.69 Euro.

Self-cooking saves money:

If you cook on your own, it further reduces expenses spent on food in restaurants. If you have a roommate then cooking will be both fun and money saving. This helps to reduce a considerable cost and makes your life in Germany easy.

Expenses on Restaurants, Movies, Theatres and outings:

Being a student, you will wish to enjoy the various entertainment options provided by the city. In an average restaurant, a proper meal including a glass of wine may cost you about 40 Euros. At local restaurants and pubs, the food is even cheaper and it will cost you about 10 Euros. Theatre, museums may cost you from 2 to 10 Euros. There are also student discounts offered at these places.

Transport expenses:

Semester ticket facility is provided by many universities to each student during the semester. It provides facilities to students like free transport which saves your money on public transport. It costs approximately 250 Euros to the student for the whole semester. On comparison with the money spent on daily transport, a semester ticket is much cheaper and more useful.

Expenses on Clothing and lifestyle:

Students spend on clothing and grooming. Every student has different clothing and lifestyle needs. Cost incurred on them can vary from student to student. There are student discounts at various shopping malls flaunting different brands. You can check them during sales.

Thus, you can live and enjoy during the period of your study in Germany at an affordable living cost.