Germany_Article (17-04-2019)

Study in Germany: Timeline for Winter Intake

Germany is becoming one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations. International students have started to consider the German universities for higher studies, especially for STEM (Science, Te


Study in Germany – Converting CGPA to German GPA

If you are interested in getting a degree from Germany and are looking into MS and MBA programs, you may be wondering how to convert your CGPA to German GPA. When you are submitting your documents for

TUM - Technical University of Munich

Study in Germany – TUM – Technical University of Munich

Founded in 1868, the TUM (Technical University of Munich) is a prestigious research university that ranks among the world’s top 50 universities according to Shanghai Rankings. Furthermore, the Briti

irst semester in German University

How to make the most of your first semester at a German University?

As an Indian student preparing to move to Germany for higher education, it’s understandable if you are apprehensive, nervous, and restless about your move. After all, it’s not only a new course yo