Benefits Of DAAD To Indian Students

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What is DAAD?

The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) or German Academic Exchange Service is a German national agency and the largest funding organization in the world. It provides  scholarships to both International and German students to live, study and research in Germany at an affordable cost or free of charge. DAAD scholarships are offered at all levels – undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD, and to all individuals, including academicians as well as researchers; and in all subjects, including Technology, Management, Performing Arts, Architecture, Literature, Science & Engineering and Public Policy.

DAAD Scholarship for Indian Students

There is a plethora of scholarships on offer for Indian students who wish to study in Germany and carry out research in Germany, such as-

WISE (Working Internships in Science and Engineering)

WISE scholarship is for Indians studying bachelors degree/integrated program/dual degree in courses such as natural science, mathematics, engineering, etc. from any of the selected universities in India. Students willing to undertake 2-3 months internship at the research institute or a German university can apply for WISE Scholarships.

PPGG (Master’s Scholarship in Public Policy & Good Governance)

This scholarship is provided to graduate and post graduate students. The scholarships are for programs such as Public Policy, Good Governance, Civil Society, Public Management, Administration and International Relations.

PhD Scholarships

Research grants are offered to young scientists and academicians from India and other countries, thus giving them an opportunity to perform research at any research institution and university in Germany and explore educational opportunities in the country.

To know in detail about the scholarships offered by DAAD to Indian students from application requirements and procedure to value of awards, click here.

Benefits of DAAD to Indian Students

Want to study abroad in a German higher education institution, but worrying about the cost of studying and living in Germany. Fret not! To ease the financial burden, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) offers myriad scholarship programmes. Here are a few benefits of DAAD to Indian Students-

  • DAAD has complete information about the higher education in Germany, including information about the research institutes and the higher education institutions in Germany.  This makes it easy for Indian students to choose the university/research institute of their choice.
  • It provides scholarships that cover all the aspects of study abroad – studying, living and travel expenses, plus the health insurance. In some cases the return airfare from India is also included in the scholarship.
  • DAAD supports and funds short-term exchanges for teaching and research, graduates and doctoral students from all fields of humanities, science, arts and music.
  • It gives multiple opportunities for Indian students to collaborate on projects with German researchers, practitioners and scientists in a wide array of fields like Arts, Management, Engineering, Architecture, Technology and Literature.
  • DAAD provides an opportunity for Indian students to go for a working internship in the field of Science and Engineering at the higher education institution and research institutions in Germany.
  • It fosters relationships. The alumni network of DAAD is huge that allows to meet and interact with students and professionals from hundreds of German universities. It is a great way of building a network base that is beneficial for career.
  • DAAD provides an opportunity for Indian students in Germany to work and live in an international setting and be a source of mutual, professional and cultural advancement for the host companies.