Best German Cities for International Students

popular German destinations for students

Indian students are finding Germany to be a favorable destination to study, work, and settle. From 2008 to 2014, the country saw a 114% increase in the number of Indian students entering the city, with the total number more than 200,000 by 2016.

The biggest perk that attracts students to Germany is that public universities have tuition free of cost, which reduces a prospective student’s expenses considerably. As an international student living in Europe, the living expenses definitely add up quickly, so the absence of a yearly tuition fee is a major plus point for many students.

In addition, German universities offer world class education, in numerous fields of study. The international student population is large in big cities as well, so you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful experience! The top 4 cities for international students are listed below


The capital is the most popular place for international students to study in Germany. Ranked 9th best student city in the world, Berlin is known as an affordable city to live in, as it is student budget friendly! Academically, there are 3 internationally acclaimed universities, with 16% of the students being international. The city itself is a cultural melting pot, as people from all ethnicities and nationalities live, study, and work there. Hence, students will be exposed to a culturally dynamic city.
Top universities: Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin, Technical University of Berli


A favourite destination for Indian students because of scholarship opportunities, Munich is placed 11th on the Best Cities for Students ranking. As the city has a mix of vast landscapes, mountain ridges, Bavarian architecture and cultural history, students have many options for recreation and exploration the city. It’s also ranked high on the health care, quality of life, and safety indexes.
Top universities: Technical University of Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Munich University of Applied Science


With many carnivals and hubs of international corporations, Bonn is a city where students can network professionally as well as explore the cultural aspects of the city. Students can take advantage of the work after study program for international students, and secure a job in Bonn to advance their career.
Top universities: University of Bonn, University of Applied Sciences for Financ


Known as the centre of media and industrial areas, this city is bustling with locals and international students alike. With a growing economy and festivals throughout the year, Hamburg is the destination for Indian students to broaden their perspective, and get a good grasp of the European economy. Students will never get bored as there is so much to do in the city.
Top universities: University of Hamburg, Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences