How To Apply To German Universities via Uni-Assist?

]Applying via uni-assist

Uni-assist is well-known German organization that evaluates the certificates of international schools and universities. They evaluate whether the provided university certificate is in accordance with the German school/university degree. They see to it that the academic documents submitted are at par with the German universities and whether the students would be able to qualify in principle for getting an admission to German universities.

In addition to this, the German universities also submit the evaluation of criterion that are necessary for preliminary examinations to Uni-assist. If the result of the student is positive, Uni-assist then sends the application to the chosen universities via mail.

Uni-assist is an autonomous body which doesn’t receive any state funding. The preliminary examination board of international school/university certificates do not support such payments. Usually the applicants have to bear the cost for a preliminary examination of their certificate of education. Here the German universities can offer to pay the fee, few German universities use this option mainly if it concerns master’s degree program.

The international applicants can apply to German universities via uni-assist if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Before applying to German university, the candidates have done their entire study abroad,
  • The chosen university is the member of uni-assist,
  • The candidate already has a university entrance qualification abroad,
  • The candidate has a university qualification abroad or
  • The candidate whether German or foreign is applying for a Master’s degree program and uni-assist is core medium for application processing.

The procedure to apply to German universities via uni-assist is very simple.

Step 1: Fill in the preliminary evaluation application.

Step 2: Simultaneously apply via uni-assist website.

Step 3: Get your documents reviewed. It can be done any time of the year.

Step 4: Strictly follow the application deadline.

The documents that need to be submitted to uni-assist are:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Certified copy of university entrance qualification in original language
  • Official translation of the certificates (if the certificate is in any other language than English or German)

Note: Kindly refer to the special conditions that apply to applicants from Austria, Vietnam, China, South Tyrol, Mongolia and those with an IB.

A nominal fee has to be paid to uni-assist at the time of application. When you send your application for preliminary evaluation, the fees should be transferred to uni-assist. You can find the fee details for universities on their website. There’s a possibility of your application getting rejected if the fees is not paid within the stipulated time.

Generally, uni-assist takes three weeks’ timeto process the applications. It is advisable to wait for few more days than three weeks, as the questions or requests for clarification may take some time.

Uni-assist embodies German universities from all 16 federal states. According to a survey, nearly half of the students who study in Germany have enrolled at universities that are members of uni-assist. The organization processes higher number of Master’s degree applications.

The number of German universities that are members of uni-assist in each of the federal states are as follows:

1 . Baden-Wuerttemberg (16)
2 . Bavaria (25)
3 . Berlin (19)
4 . Brandenburg (9)
5 . Bremen (5)
6 . Hamburg (7)
7 . Hesse (14)
8 . Lower Saxony (12)
9 . Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (4)
10. North Rhine-Westphalia (33)
11. Rhineland-Palatinate (7)
12. Saarland (2)
13. Saxony (10)
14. Saxony-Anhalt (5)
15. Schleswig-Holstein (7)
16. Thuringia (6)