How to Germanize yourself?


Headed to Germany for higher education? Are you wondering what it takes to be a German? Being able to blend in with the locals even though you are a foreigner is one of the most challenging tasks. There are numerous practices that will help you ‘Germanize’ yourself. Here are a few:

  1. Speak German

There is no way that you can blend with your classmates, without learning their language. Learning german words is usually fun. However, when it comes to the grammar, you may find it challenging. With time and dedication, you can learn it. Learning German will not only help you in the classroom but also outside your university, when you have to go to the local market to buy things.

  1. Say what you mean

No more small talks. Germans speak to the point. So, if you need a favor, just ask directly.

  1. Eat German food

German food is rich and delicious, with each region having its own traditional cuisine. And what better way to be a part of German culture than having these German specialties? We are sure you’ll miss home cooked meals and would want to go to Indian restaurants, but once in a while enjoying the German delicacies will help you get acquainted with the culture and mix with new people.

Meat is an integral part of every meal. There are over a thousand different types of wurst (sausages) made in Germany.

  1. Drink carbonated water

You will not get a complimentary glass of water in restaurants in Germany like you get back home in India. In fact, you won’t get a glass of tap water unless you specifically ask for it. The tap water in the country is quite safe to drink, but the Germans don’t drink it. So, when in Germany, drink carbonated mineral water or drinks like Apfelsaftschorle (apple juice).

  1. Get Qualified

The country has an excellent education system and the people there have the desire to learn more. As a result, they tend to have a great number of qualifications. It goes without saying that you would be well respected when you have a list of academic qualifications to speak about. After completing your degrees in Germany, you can go ahead and also enroll yourself for other extended courses to get additional qualifications.

  1. Get house shoes

When in Rome do as the romans do. Similarly when you are in Germany, there are high chances of you sharing a room with a German student. Get a pair of house shoes and follow this routine – when you go to sleep, place them next to your bed and when you are stepping out of your apartment, place them neatly next to your door.

  1. Follow the rules

Rules are not meant to be broken! Always obey the signs, never cross at a red light and wait in line. Failing to do so, you might end up paying a fine.

  1. Dress ordinarily

Your clothing should be practical. Dress as ordinarily as possible to blend in.

  1. Eat a long breakfast

Breakfasts are elaborate feasts in Germany. On a weekend, people usually have a table full of meats, cheeses, fruits, jams and spreads. On Sundays, wake up early and go to your bakery, get fresh Brötchen and Gebäckteilchen for an extended Sunday breakfast.

  1. Be nature-friendly

Go hiking and explore the nature. Buy stuff with the word ‘bio’ on it. There are a lot of places in Germany where you can follow bicycle trails and go trekking. It is a nice break from your busy study schedule. A weekend getaway with your new friends is the best way to gel up your bonding.

  1. Separate the waste

Always separate your waste. A lot of waste in Germany is recycled. You will find separate bins everywhere including your university campus area and public places.